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Whether you’re high school sweethearts, just got engaged, or about to get married, I love capturing those memories of different stages in a relationship. I’m all about embracing adventure, having a ridiculously awesome experience, and illustrating the love you two share! I really wanna get to know you, be goofy, and vulnerable with each other, all while in a beautiful place that makes you DREAM about your future with your best friend!

My goal with every client is to be 100% transparent with them, perform my absolute best, be a longterm BFF, and their #1 supporter on one of the most important days of their life. Although I’m not married myself, I’ve had enough experience where I know how much craziness goes into wedding planning and making sure everything goes smooth on the actual day. It’s extremely important to me that I give you THE best experience I possibly can from the beginning to the end. Which in my mind, means listening to allllll your needs, being there for you, offering the best advice I can give, and helping you feel reassured with no thought of regretting your decision with me.

I’m gonna make sure you get allll the photos you want. The golden light coming thru, that beautiful gown you’ve been dreaming of wearing ever since you were 5 years old, and the romantic portraits! Girl I gotchu, don’t worry. I’m all about it too! But my main goal is to capture the photos of the tears that run down your cheek when you see each other for the first time on your wedding day. Exchanging vows as your heart beats out of your chest, while your relatives shed tears because they’re in awe that you’re getting married to your best friend. Your siblings giving you the biggest hug while congratulating you. Your college friend that flew from the other side of the country that you haven’t seen in years busting out the greatest moves on the dance floor. The people that mean the most to you and attend the best day of your life. And even that family photo that your mom is realllllly counting on because your family is finally all together for the first time in years. (My moms the same way. I totally get it!) Basically I want to capture what means the most to you. You know… Those moments that seem like they FLEW by, but you wish more than anything you could hold on to them forever? My job is to take that moment and make it endless for you. 

Most importantly, I want to photograph who you really are. Not just the pretty little details, and the posed pictures. Behind all of that, there’s a story I long to capture with every couple I photograph. What matters the most to me is connecting with you. This leaves room to create the best photos of who you guys genuinely are. Which really matters when you look back at what’s documented. This is all about you two. I’m just along for the ride and get to be your badass third wheel bestie. Basically the best job ever.

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Wedding Pricing.

Engagements: $500 (Or included with wedding package)

Bridals / first look: $650

Engagements + bridals bundle: $975

Elopements + Intimate Weddings start at $1,800 (30 or less guests)

Weddings start at $2,500

International Weddings start at $4,000

Email hello@aubreyoothoutphoto.com or fill out the contact form below for info on what's included with these packages!