Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How many elopements/weddings do you take per year?

I take roughly around 25-30. I do this to give my couples the best experience without overworking myself and feeling burnt out. Quality over quantity and less is more are two big ones I stand by.

Q.2 How do you backup the photos?

The second I get home after a wedding (no matter how late it is), I go straight to backing up the photos on 2 different external hard drives and don’t format my cards until AFTER I deliver all the photos to the client. That way I have the images in 3 different places for safety. With that being said, I would also recommend backing up the photos once they are delivered to you. 

Q.3 What’s your turnaround time?

Sessions: Within 1 week
Weddings: 6-8 weeks

Q.4 How many images do you include with delivery?

I overshoot just about every session & wedding I have the privilege of documenting. With that being said, I don’t like to provide a specific amount of photos because I believe this limits what I could potentially give. I usually always deliver more than enough to remember your special day by. Roughly around 100+ for sessions and 1,000+ for weddings.

Q.5 Do you offer payment plans?

I do! I require a 50% down payment to secure your desired date with me. The remaining balance is due a day before the wedding or session. Or if you would like to break it up in 3 segments, I would be happy to negotiate a payment plan for you!

Q.6 Can you photoshop us?

I do believe in body positivity and self love, so I do not use photoshop unless you would like for me to remove a scar, skin blemish or tattoo that you would not like in the photo. If there’s a certain angle you like being posed in, please let me know and I will gladly follow that.

Q.7 What if we have bad weather for our shoot?

I come prepared for embracing whatever weather comes our way. If it gets to the point where you feel uncomfortable, we will reschedule for another day that best fits our schedules.

Q.8 Are you willing to travel for our session and/or wedding?

I’m more than willing to! I’ve traveled to New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Italy, France, Scotland, and all over the US for all kinds of shoots and weddings. I feel so inspired when being in an unfamiliar place surrounded by different cultures. I find it sparks my creativity the most.

Q.9 Do you offer any discounts?

I do not. There is a lot of work that goes into photography and editing that I truly believe is not worth belittling my services for. I understand photography and film can be expensive, but I value and take my work very seriously.

Q.10 Do you help with the planning process?

Absolutely! Let me know what you need help with and I will gladly assist. My goal is to make all my clients happy and stress-free. Even if it isn’t photography related – anything I can do to help, please let me know!

Q.11 Do you provide RAW/unedited images to your clients?

I do not. I truly believe this takes away the authenticity of my work and why you choose to hire me. Seeing a photo I’ve taken with an edit on it that isn’t mine I believe totally defeats the purpose of all the hard work I put into my job.

more questions? 

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